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how to watch youtube video by rotating it to landscape

Based on Alexa traffic rankings, YouTube is the second most visited site on the web, right after Google. Unfortunately, a lot of digital marketers still treat it like any other social media site. ... More

how to make a guy smile over text

Texts guaranteed to make a guy smile: You are the only one for me. My dreams were great last night because you were in them. Falling in love with you is the 2nd best thing in the world, finding you is the 1st! ... More

how to stop google taking over my computer

26/01/2017 · Despite receiving over 50 updates over the years, Google’s browser still harbors several rough edges and idiosyncrasies that can make for a less than optimal online experience. ... More

how to tell your wife is lying about cheating

Signs of Emotional Cheating If lots of these signs were found then there is a big possibility that your partner is cheating on you. Be wise and look for the full picture else you will be risking your relationship. ... More

how to start cleaning office buildings

You apply to cleaning jobs on sites like and slowly start to build a group of clients who pay you to clean their houses. But if you want to make a good living in this career, you need to stop thinking like a housekeeper and start thinking like a small business owner. ... More

how to take phone out of dfu mode

20/02/2016 This video shows how to get out of black screen of death or DFU mode without restore your device through iTunes. STEPS TO FOLLOW: 1. Connect your device to computer 2. Press the power and home ... More

how to write song titles in fiction

No permission is needed to mention song titles, movie titles, names, etc. You do not need permission to include song titles, movie titles, TV show titles—any kind of title—in your work. You can also include the names of places, things, events, and people in your work without asking permission. ... More

how to use swipecards in rust

In Rust you can do fuckall and still have fun, and little things that spice up gameplay are welcome fore they give the game an extra layer of depth, you just have to find it yourself. they don't know what to do next. the game is dead atm. ... More

how to see if overclock monitor worked

Overclocking a monitor can improve your gaming experience significantly by increasing its refresh rate, and unlike all the other pieces of hardware gamers spend hours overclocking, that is a benefit that yields far more than some marginally improved back-end benchmarks. As is the case when overclocking anything, its far from a simple process. ... More

klein tools mm2000 how to use

Test leads measure AC/DC voltage, resistance, continuity, frequency and capacitance and tests diodes ... More

how to set cbr obs

Delay: Should be set to “0”, but if you need delay set locally you can do this to prevent "ghosting." Minimize Network Impact: This should be unchecked. If you are an advanced broadcaster, or having issues with your network settings, use this setting. ... More

how to see uploaded videos on facebook

6/05/2010 You can only upload videos smaller than 600MB. You can only upload a photo (png, jpg, jpeg) or a video (3gp, 3gpp, mp4, mov, avi, mpg, mpeg, rm). You can only upload a photo or a video. ... More

how to send sms from ipad air cellular

Whey can I not send and receive SMS messages on my iPad Pro (cellular and WiFi) but I can send and receive SMS messages on my iPad Air (WiFi only)? ... More

aura cacia diffuser how to use

To Use: Place 4-6 drops of any 100% pure Aura Cacia essential oil or blend onto the car diffuser pad. Slide the pad into the diffuser and plug it into the lighter outlet. ... More

how to take care of a sick dog

The following information is intended only as a general guideline for the care of a sick dog already under veterinary treatment. If your dog is ill, you should always contact your vet first. If your dog is ill, you should always contact your vet first. ... More

how to use xbox one wired controller with pc

PDP Afterglow Prismatic Wired Xbox One Controller for PC Use. Theres not much more I can say about the design and function that hasnt been said on the initial review by Michael Sarratt. ... More

touche eclat highlighter how to use

The concealer association that Touche Eclat has seems to have only worsened in recent years, due mostly to the fact that there a myriad of copycat products out there which are specifically marketed as concealers. Touche Eclat is a highlighter and to get this product to work for you, should only ever be used as a highlighter. ... More

how to stop being unfaithful

But y does he tell me he wants 2 marry me and that he loves me if he can't stop being unfaithful and lie. I'm so honest with him I don't keep anything from him even talking on here I will tell him as I know what its like 2 get lied 2 I don't wsnt 2 lie 2 him I never would. I do really love him and just want everything 2 work out. Me and our children don't need this pain anymore. Y don't he ... More

how to use arlec timer pc607

Using the thermostat mode is a little annoying as it clicks rather loudly on and off. It still smells like a heaters first use on the 8th use when turned on, i wouldnt consider leaving it on im my room without me in it (ie use the timer) ... More

glitter glue pens how to use

Bostik Fine and Wide Glue Pen 30mL This Bostik Fine and Wide Glue Pen is a versatile way of applying your glue. It comes with dual applicators so you can use the wide end to quickly and easily cover large surfaces or use the fine end to create precise, clean lines. ... More

how to use super polymerization

If you use Lucius to tribute summon a monster, you can look at all the spells and trap cards your opponent currently controls (Giving you the inside scoop on what your opponent might have in store). Your opponent cannot activate effects in response to this effect. ... More

how to use glo white bright night

How To Use Smile Bright Teeth Whitening Whiten Teeth With Honey Zoom Teeth Whitening Rebate Dr Song Teeth Whitening Kit Enlighten Tooth Whitening luster.teeth.whitening.kit With the White Light teeth whitening system the something that the whole family can use as you should for separate mouth guards (trays) to be able to provided. All each partner needs to carry out is apply the gel and then ... More

how to stop neighbours dogs barking at night

HOW TO STOP DOG BARKING AT NIGHT. Dog Training 0 Shares. In any neighborhood when the sun goes down there is a common welcome,”THE SOUND OF BARKING DOGS!!”.Sometimes it is your dog causing the havoc. All you need is a peaceful time after a hectic day but your dog won’t stop barking and before you know it an angry neighbor is knocking at your door asking you to shut him up. Of all … ... More

how to tell if your turtle is aquatic

22/10/2007 · i have 2 red eared sliders one of which seems to be much older and the other day he seemed to be choking, he was sitting on his rock and he would swell his throat then open his mouth and knda cough which made this funny noise and his body kinda jerked when he did this, i took him out and tried to look in his mouth... show more i have ... More

how to serve pita bread

The Best Pita Bread Kebab Recipes on Yummly Homemade Pita Bread - Stove Top Method, Keto Kebab Meal Prep With Low Carb Pita Bread, Lamb Kebab Pitas ... More

how to write a letter to boss

Accentuate the Positive. When composing your letter, maintain a formal tone throughout the text. This shows your boss that youre really serious about the impact his bad behavior has on you and that he needs to change his ways. ... More

hermes shawl how to wear

How to wear, tie and knot Hermes scarves and CSGMs, Tutorial, comment porter une châle, scarf tops and tunics MaiTai's Picture Book: How to wear your Hermès cashmere shawl as a tunic Pages ... More

how to use block and tackle pulley

How a Block and Tackle Works. by Marshall Brain Other Force/Distance Tradeoffs. Prev NEXT . You come into contact with force/distance tradeoffs in all sorts of simple machines. For example, a lever is an example of this phenomenon: In this diagram a force F is being applied to the left end of the lever. The left end of the lever is twice as long (2X) as the right end (X). Therefore on the ... More

how to pitch a reality show idea

Do you have an idea you want to pitch to a network but dont know how? If YES, here are 21 sure tips on how to pitch a reality show to a network successfully. ... More

how to get my puppy to stop crying at night

B+ How To Make My Puppy Stop Crying At Night Get Your Dog to Listen to You Now! Proven Training Method, Hands Off Dog Training. ... More

how to use ipconfig command

ipconfig on Mac is not like the Windows command of the same name, but is still very useful. If you momentarily forget where you are at a Mac OS X terminal session, you might type 'ipconfig /all' or something equally Windowish. You will get a response: ... More

how to talk in colour bubble on habbo

3/01/2007 · This is a cheat free system. There are no cheats available. There is no free credits no free coins or free Habbo club memberships. This is a teen 13+ friendly game for any one heo knows how to click and type on the computer. ... More

c++ how to take input

Simply take input within do while loop and check if the last input is curly bracket then drop out loop else continue. If you like the logic, do upvote and follow, else comment your doubt. 61 Views ... More

how to start a small cafeteria in dubai

2/10/2010 · How much the cost to start a small restaurant in Dubai alkus? hi , My name is shyam already i ask one question and i got some good answer thanks for all.But now i have one more thing,My uncle working their in Dubai ,now we are looking to start a Small restaurant in Dubai Proper Alkus,a small minimum 40 to 50 seating and a kerala style food,I want to know how much the... show more hi , ... More

how to write happy new year in french

Merry Christmas Greetings In French I am happy and little proud to say that i am a man who keeps his word, so these Christmas Wishes In French With Sayings will prove my words are hundred percentage truth and now say good bye to your worries and take my gifts happily. ... More

how to turn off programs in startup windows 7

Managing startup apps in Windows 7 Step 1: Go to the Windows Start button and type msconfig in the Search Programs textbox to open the System Configuration console. ... More

how to stop google sharing my information

When you set up a new Android device, or install any Google app on your iOS device, you're prompted to share location data. If you say yes, your information goes into this databasewhich is also ... More

how to use selleys liquid nails press n go

selleys ezi press liquid nails fast grab nz sds; aus ghs; selleys ezi press no more gaps ... More

how to use your archwing in eidolon

Sheldon: You can do all the things that you could do in your Archwing normally, like when you’re in space, while you’re [fighting in the Plains]. You might be using one that can shoot missiles ... More

how to sell through a suppliers website to yours

Sell directly to customers via your website Sell to retail stores, which then sell to customers Sell to a distributor, which sells to retail stores that then sell to customers ... More

how to send you intsagram link via text

Once you link your Instagram account to your Page, you can share to Facebook when you share a photo or video on Instagram. ... More

how to sell my vehicle online

Sell your vehicle quickly to a dealer of private buyer. Autotrader claims to have more ads for used cars than any other website in the U.S. , which ... More

how to start fm radio station in andhra pradesh

US 703-879-6611, UK 020-3287-8674, Australia 02-8006-8674, India +91 9666778674 ... More

how to use a vibrater

... More

how to use bluelab truncheon nutrient meter

Hand held, reliable and easy to read. Clean the electrodes regulary with electrode cleaner or unscented Jiff, using gloves on your hands to prevent the oil from your skin coating the electrodes. ... More

how to teach your dog to heel off leash

Third, teach your dog to heel off-leash and on-leash. After following these steps, you will find it is easier to teach your dog to walk calmly on-leash. Teach Your Dog to Follow Off-Leash Your dog's desire to follow and remain close is the necessary foundation for walking politely on- leash. You must become the center of your dog's universe. You need to stimulate and strengthen your dog's ... More

chameleon markers how to use

I just love how her hair turned out with ONE pen! I often struggle to get the hair shading the way I like it but with the dark yellow Chameleon pen it was easy peasy! ... More

how to walk through paintings in minecraft pe

The "Java" was the first Minecraft one-block high table to have legs, through the utilisation of a slab floor. The "Java" with smaller legs are achieved by using stairs. Watch the guide below to see how this low Minecraft table is made. Using just an ordinary Piston - we get one of the best looking tables in Minecraft! Using Stairs as Bench Chairs for a Diner style arrangement. See the Diner ... More

how to wear all white for a white party

7/08/2017 · White color is perfect and suitable for all age groups of ladies. Here I am presenting stunning designs and prints of every new fashion dress of this season. The color combinations of these ... More

how to write privacy policy for my website

1/05/2017 agar aapko nhi pata ki privacy policy or disclaimer page kaise banaye to aap is video ko dekhte rahiye. or agar aapko ye video pasand aaya hai to ... More

how to stop static hair after straightening

Care of hair after straightening depends on the methods used for straightening hair. When going through a hair straightening procedure it is important to know about the hair care regime. Find out the tips for hair care after hair straightening. scarpe nike longchamp sac louis vuitton outlet ... More

how to send an invoice via email

Sending an invoice with PayPal is easy. Create a personalized invoice with your customer's details; Preview the invoice and share the link or invoice via email; Get paid via a bank account, credit or debit card; Schedule your invoices ahead of time. With the new scheduled invoicing feature, you can plan and have your invoices sent automatically every month. That means one less thing to worry ... More

qemu how to use boot hard drive

If you would like to have a different bootloader when booting from qemu you may use the mbr=./myfile.mbr command line arguemnt to blend in a file instead of the current Master Boot Record which needs to have the same size as the spare space before the first partition. ... More

how to use spotify mobile

Now that you have signed up for a Spotify account, its time to start using the service. The first step to doing so is downloading and installing the Spotify application. ... More

how to see your pc specs windows vista

A good computer specifications for running windows XP and windows vista? Skip to main content. Microsoft. Community. Community Tell us about your experience with our site. ML. Marya Lu Created on October 29, 2009. Specifications to XP and Vista A good computer specifications for running windows XP and windows vista? This thread is locked. You can follow the question or vote as … ... More

working in groups how to improve work

Working in groups or amongst a team is sometimes inevitable and at some point, whether it be in school or within your career, you will be required to be a part of a team, group, or committee in order to achieve a specific goal. ... More

how to tell stories with stained glass

The 167 stained glass windows of Chartres Cathedral, built 1190-1220 CE, are the most complete group surviving anywhere from the Middle Ages. Several windows date to the mid-12th century CE while over 150 survive from the early 13th century CE. There are religious scenes to tell the faithful the key stories ... More

how to use miele induction stovetop

Everytime we want to use the hob it relocks itself, so we have to hold the lock button on the induction hob each time :- Dec 10, 2018 Miele Cooktops 0 Answers ... More

how to tell if a hen is broody

I? have one or two per nest. You just put them where youd like the hens to lay their eggs. The chickens will move them around anyway. ... More

how to use youtube converter into itunes

A professional video conversion tool to convert MP4/MPEG to iTunes MP4 codes. Convert video to over 1000 formats, including MP4, AVI, WMV, FLV, MKV, MOV and more. Optimized presets for iTunes without considering the complicated parameter settings. ... More

how to write a sonnet ks3

Here are a few steps to help your students overcome the challenges of Shakespeare's literature. ... More

how to get away with murder watch

30/01/2017 · Shonda Rhimes is known for her great works like Grey’s Anatomy and Scandal, but I’m here today to let you know about her latest hit show How to Get Away with Murder. ... More

how to use electric egg poacher

Electric egg cookers are cheap, effective, and easy to use. These machines can turn a stressful task into a simple one and make your mornings much happier while providing you with a delicious source of protein and nutrients. They’re also great for egg salads, fancy dinners, and more. ... More

how to tell if a movie is well directed

11/01/2019 · They come into the city, they do well in the city, then they come to America and they do well here, and that, you know, is certainly not typical. They’ve really got something.” They’ve ... More

how to talk to the universe

"Talking to the Universe" is a song by Yoko Ono, originally released in 1995 on the album Rising. ... More

how to take a pregnancy test with toothpaste

Take the toothpaste pregnancy test This new weird test claims to find out when a woman is pregnant Usually doctors or pregnancy kits can help you find that Now it seems, toothpaste and urine is enough to the do the trick ... More

how to stop being careless

25/09/2018 Being humble is a part of being modest. To be humble, you have to accept your limitations and know that there is a beautiful, infinite, complicated world out there and that you are not its master. Be in awe of nature, your surroundings, your mentors, and the world at large and see that you really aren't the best, brightest, hottest person who ever walked on the Earth. ... More

how to make one night stand

11/01/2019 One night stand confessions that might make you rethink having one View All ... More

how to teach probability to 3rd graders

Third-graders are starting to come into their own when it comes to mathematics. Addition and subtraction should be a breeze by now, and you're introducing the more difficult concepts of … ... More

how to write talking points memo

This is the point I tried to make in “Who Do You Work For?” In one of the write-ups about the back-turning at the Ramos funeral, there was an interview with retired NYPD Officer John Mangan who held a sign that read: “God Bless the NYPD. ... More

how to teach a dog to get something for you

If your dog won't "let" you clean his teeth or take something out of his mouth, the relationship between the two of you needs to be changed. Jake may be smart, but he doesn't understand that medicines will help him, that some things he puts in his mouth could poison him or choke him, that ticks carry disease. ... More

how to stop search ui from downloading

out via a download.aspx page running in an iframe , I have to get the download to happen from an iframe because the download initiated link comes from a … ... More

how to wear dresses in winter plus size

Dress is black in colour, with a floral pattern, in a wrap dress style, and a ruffled hemline. It is full length, with 3/4 length sleeves, and a v-neckline. ... More

how to turn my dumb tv into a smart tv

The cheapest smart TV I know is this Telefunken and I am never going to put this piece of crap in my living room. Like most Zimbabweans, I cannot afford a real smart TV without calling on my clan ... More

how to write a debate first negative

There is then an affirmative and negative first-speaker rebuttal, and a negative and affirmative second-speaker rebuttal, respectively. These speeches are each four minutes long. No new points can be brought into the debate during the rebuttals. ... More

how to use data table

On the ID click the little down arrow and select "Count" (Values section of the table element on the right side menu). I'm not familiar with QlikView. You can use SQL to get your data into Power BI from a source that supports it, but DAX is used to create measures and calculated columns within the model. ... More

how to set up a securus account

Family and friends of inmates at the RMSC (Rose M. Singer Center) in Rikers Island can set up an account with the phone company Securus to provide funding for inmates to make calls. ... More

how to use little bloom nappies

Little bloom Unisex Baby Boys Girls Washable Reusable Nappies unused. Brand New. $6.34. Time left 1d 23h left. 0 bids. From United Kingdom +$26.78 shipping. Customs services and international tracking provided. Little bloom Unisex Baby Boys Girls Washable Reusable Nappies unused. Brand New. $6.34. Time left 1d 23h left. 0 bids. From United Kingdom +$26.78 shipping. Customs services and ... More

how to turn off velocity fl studio

13/03/2016 I recently bought m audio code 61 and installed an update in previous PC 32-bit , windows 7( on display wrote UPDATE), after that i bought a new pc 64-bit same operative system and purchased an updater again and it doesnt recogize a midi keyboard. I am using FL studio. ... More

how to hustle at work

Step 4: Market your passion. As long as you’re doing the work and showing respect to your full-time job, your passion project shouldn’t be a deal-breaker. ... More

how to stop being timid

Stop being apologethic. Realise that most people are dumb, meaning you don't have to try hard to get anywhere. Talking about the weather is actually seen as a serious topic. Don't over think things. Treat people like normal regular people, instead of making a conversation a too big of a mountain to climb. People will not get mad at you if you ask them hey how's it going. Usually. Lol. ... More

how to speak english tips

How To Speak English Like A Native Speaker It is pretty cool to speak English in a way so that nobody can tell you apart from a native speaker. Whether you just want to boost your confidence or you need to sound like a native speaker for work or moving abroad, here are a few tips ... More

how to use onedrive on iphone

Here are the 3 simple steps: Open your OneDrive Music folder from the web or via the OneDrive folder on your Windows 10 PC. Upload your favorite MP3s from your hard drive to the OneDrive Music folder. ... More

how to start a flooded aircraft engine

20/04/2016 · experimental aircraft, experimental amateurbuilt aircraft video, homebuilt aircraft, homebuilt aircraft kits, home built aircraft, homebuilt aircraft plans, sport aircraft, light sport aircraft ... More

how to start windows 10 in safe mode without keyboard

So without any further delay, here’s how to enter Safe Mode on your Windows 10 computer. Advanced Startup Options Step 1: To begin, right-click the Start button and move the mouse over Shut down or sign out , which will reveal a bunch of power options. ... More

how to use oil control sheet anna sui

How To Clean-up An Oil Spill You will be using a small container, water, and vegetable oil. The water represents an ocean (or bay, sound, even a lake) and the vegetable oil is the oil ... More

how to set drawing units in autocad 2013

19/11/2014 · Fractional Drawing Units: American woodworkers often prefer to set AutoCAD drawings in fractional units of inches because that is how their work is normally reckoned. For example, 12 feet, 6½ inches reads 150-½″ in fractional units. ... More

how to write performance appraisal review

Your Performance Review is an ideal opportunity to state your case and deliver the required changes to achieve it. Here is how to do it. I used this approach to secure a promotion to Head of IT, managing a 60-strong team, in a growing Financial Services organization. Your Performance Review is a process to set new objectives and review progress against them. During each Performance Appraisal ... More

how to get to port stephen from newcastle train station

26/06/2008 There is a bus from Newcastle Central Station to the DFDS Ferry Terminal. Turn Left out of the Station and walk about 50 metres. I don't know the time table or ... More

how to watch supernatural season 11 online free

Watch Supernatural (s11e1) Season 11 Episode 1 Full Online on Go123Movies. Picking up where the finale left off, Sam and Dean must deal with the Darkness that has been unleashed. Castiel deals with the effects of Rowena’s spell and recalls his brutal battle with Crowley. ... More

how to search page for word

Hello! When designing websites, especially websites that have an active blog, it is often necessary to style, customize and design the WordPress search results page. ... More

how to wear gaucho pants

For days off or nights out that can use a little spunk, this one-shouldered number provides just the right edge. Perfect with crop tops, sleeveless shirts, bodysuits and more, this airy, gathered-waist option rewards all of the rebels with comfort and cool. ... More

how to turn off safe search iphone

Above the search results, click on Settings and then choose Turn off SafeSearch. In the event that this method wasn’t effective in disabling Safe Search, move down to the next method below. Method 2: Apply all pending Windows updates . If the first method wasn’t effective, let’s eliminate the possibility of an internal bug. The inability to turn off Safe search is a known Windows 10 bug ... More

how to turn airdrop on an ipad 2

2. Make sure your iPad is updated. Settings>General>Software Update 3. Turn Bluetooth on Turn on AirDrop Use Control Center to turn AirDrop on or off and control whom you can share content with. 1. Swipe up from the bottom of your screen to open Control Center. 2. Tap AirDrop. 3. Choose one of these options: Off: Turns off AirDrop. Contacts Only: Only your contacts can see your device ... More

how to write a reflective essay about yourself

In a psychology or religion class, you may write a reflective essay to help you grow personally in your understanding of yourself and your beliefs. Journal writing, whether it is done in a class or on your own, is often a kind of reflective writing if it both records what … ... More

how to use paste finishing wax

The wax can add a finish to wood that gives it the appearance of a fresh shine, all the time. Paste wax also protects wood from water vapor, and heat trauma. Like any material, paste wax can be applied by accident, or may need to be removed and replaced. There are a number of methods for removing paste wax from a wood surface. ... More

how to add exe file to start windwos 10

Run.exe file information Run.exe process in Windows Task Manager. The process known as tiser or accept_cert or Stub or pig32 belongs to software tiser or Screen Shot Deluxe or accept_cert or Stub by Broderbund ( ... More

how to show week number in windows 7 calendar

Desktop Calendar 7 FAQ How can I display week numbers? Open the settings and click on the "Style" tab: Tick the box labeled "Show week numbers on large calendar", then click "OK" to apply the setting. ... More

how to use wafer paper on cakes

Piping gel eliminates the need for elaborate drawing skills because you can transfer a printed image directly to a cake. Print the image on paper and tape it to … ... More

how to start leviathan raid

The Leviathan Raid is set within The Leviathan, the personal spaceship of the exiled Cabal Emperor Calus. Intro: How To Start The Leviathan Raid Here’s how to get started in the Leviathan Raid: ... More

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how to turn off brother printer

To turn off your Brother machine, press and hold on the control panel. - Once the machine's display reads 'Shutting Down,' it will stay on for a few seconds before turning itself off.

how to send your song to a record company

Some college radio stations allow you to send your music directly to a thanks mr David wimble im so greatful for your a pop artist looking for record deal i dont know record company to show case my song have already down load it on people are listing it there with likes and comments what should i do next because am Nigeria base in guinea equatoria i need your

how to write appreciation letter

To write a letter of appreciation, first begin by choosing a simple block letter format. Then, create a heading for the letter and explain why you appreciate the person or service.

how to use ryobi miter saw

The Ryobi TS1345L miter saw is a pretty lightweight saw. Its total weight in the box is only 25 lbs, which means it’s easy to carry around on the job site, and simple to store away in your garage. Its total weight in the box is only 25 lbs, which means it’s easy to carry around …

how to work on bike without stand

A bicycle repair stand makes basic bike maintenance much easier. Use one to change tyres, adjust brakes and derailleurs, tru the wheels or clean the chain and cassette. Use one to change tyres, adjust brakes and derailleurs, tru the wheels or clean the chain and cassette.

how to use dc in mac

There are 3 Adobe Acrobat version designed for Mac users: Acrobat X Pro, Acrobat XI Standard, and Acrobat Pro DC. Here we are going to instruct how to perform OCR with these 3 versions in details. Here we are going to instruct how to perform OCR with these 3 versions in details.

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